ROKOSAN liquid


At present the organomineral fertilizer in liquid form belongs to rare types of the liquid fertilizers offered in the market due to its uniqueness while acquiring keratin base from organic waste and ecological character.


Considerable pros:

- Gradual nutrient release,
- Fast growth start of the plants – visual results,
- Excellent results achieved with hydroponic growing,
- Significant acceleration of nursling growth by even app. 1/3,
- Large variability of fertilizer preparation /variability of macro and microbiogenic elements/


Important information: our company is able to mix the “tailor-made” fertilizer in compliance with required parameters. Proposed parameters are subject of approval of both contracting parties.



- Fertilizing with liquid RSom – spray on a leaf – manually as well as by air
- More appropriate is application before the rain; the fertilizer penetrates to plant roots more easily with rain water. In this case dilution of 1 l of RSu concentrate on 10 l of water is recommended.
- During planting the nurslings we recommend to mix 1m3 of soil with app. 7-8 kg of loose RSu and subsequently to seed or plant nurslings from containers... Fertilizing by spraying on the leaf is recommended app. 25 days following planting in the amount of 1 deciliter.
- After planting the nurslings without loose RSu application, we recommend to apply 1dcl of RSu solution to the roots during the vegetation period every 50 days. In this case we recommend diluting 1 l of RSu concentrate with 7 parts of water.
- When applying loose RSu – app. 20g should be put into the hole to 1-3 years old nursling during planting; the hole should be covered by soil and watered.


Direction for use of liquid ROKOSAN:

Fertilizer ROKOSAN Z – Universal in its colloidal form is made of keratin enriched for calcium, magnesium, ferrum and trace elements, molybdenum, copper, boron, manganese and zinc. Composition in diluted form is suitable for hydroponic plant growing. According to client´s needs other trace elements may be added, or the concentration of macrobiotic or microbiotic elements may be adjusted.


Directions for use with hydroponic plant rowing:

The bottle contents should be mixed well due to its homogenization and 15 ml of homogenized fertilizer should be poured into one liter of water.
Such prepared solution should be poured into hydroponic container. After 14 days the solution is replaced.


Directions for use when fertilizing field cultures:

The bottle contents should be homogenized as in the previous case; for one liter of water we use 15 ml of concentrated fertilizer. The solution is poured to the roots of the plant. It is very convenient to apply before the rain; the fertilizer penetrates more deeply and closer to plant roots with rain water. Positive effect of the fertilizer should be manifested in two or three days. We recommend combining ROKOSAN Z – Universal in its colloidal form with ROKOSAN which was mixed up with the soil before. The effect of such combination is even more significant. After 30 days fertilizing with ROKOSAN Z – Universal in its colloidal form should be repeated.


Directions for use when fertilizing field cultures on a leaf:

Similarly as with hydroponics but one liter of water should contain 3 ml of concentrated fertilizer. The solution should be sprayed on field cultures. Fertilizing on leaf is more convenient in the evening after the sunset. In case the fertilizer is applied during sunny weather, the plant may be harmed. Fertilizing may be repeated after 25 days.


ROKOSAN Z – Universal in its liquid form is suitable also for growing agricultural crop-plants in large area. Application in similar way as in case of other plants. Application by air spray is used for revitalization of forest covers and forests in the Slovak Republic.