Ecological fertilizer based on organominerals.
The fertilizer contains 9% N, 5% P2O5, 9% K2O, 3% MgO + trace elements. Content of dangerous substances does not exceed limits effectual in the Slovak Republic pursuant to standard STN 654 804.


ROKOSAN Z serves as rich, harmonically balanced source of all nutrients supplied evenly during all vegetation period. It contributes to richness and colorfulness of the flowers, increases fertility and enhances biological activity of the soil.


Scope and ways of using ROKOSAN-Z:

Fertilizer intended for root vegetables. Biomineral fertilizer with wide use in vegetable and ornamental gardens. It provides the plants with balanced nutrition during the whole vegetation period and has positive impact on soil quality increase. The best is one-time use of the fertilizer before seeding and planting as well as during the whole vegetation period before weeding and hoeing the plants; thus the elaborateness and costs of fertilizing are decreased. The nutrients are released according to plant´s needs.


Use: Not demanding plants (ornamental plants and root vegetables) - 60-70 g/m2. Semi-demanding plants (fruit vegetables, fruit shrubs, onions, garlic) - 80-90 g/m2. Very demanding plants (gourds, celeries, fruit trees) - 100-120 g/m2. Further fertilizing should be made during the vegetation period in the amount of 25-30 g/m2 or as needed.