Ecological fertilizer based on organominerals.
The fertilizer contains 10% N, 5% P2O5, 7% K2O, 3% MgO + trace elements. Content of dangerous substances does not exceed limits effectual in the Slovak Republic pursuant to standard STN 654 804.


ROKOSAN R serves as rich, harmonically balanced source of all nutrients supplied evenly during all vegetation period. It contributes to richness and colorfulness of the flowers, increases fertility and enhances biological activity of the soil.


Scope and ways of using ROKOSAN-T:

Fertilizer intended for grasses. Biomineral fertilizer with keratin representing its element. The excellent results, while using the product, are achieved by slow release of nitrogen; nitrogen is contained in keratin element. This fertilizer fully complies with the needs for nutrients of the grass lawns of playgrounds, ornamental gardens and public lawns. While using the fertilizer the biological activity of the soil is increased, lawns are growing evenly and the environment is protected from nitrates. Ornamental and specific lawns react by even and thick green carpet to suitable nutrients composition. 


Use: One-time applied fertilizer in spring before beginning of grasses stooling; the fertilizer is applied by even scattering and mechanical mixing (for example by sheepsfoot rolls) in the amount of 40-60 g/m2. During vegetation period in connected scrub after cutting the lawns and for further fertilizing as needed and according to soil state in the amount of  15-25 g/m2 by even scattering and mixing with the soil. The fertilizer may be used during planting and further fertilizing the perennial plants during their vegetation period.