Ecological fertilizer based on organominerals.
The fertilizer contains 9% N, 9% P2O5, 9% K2O, 3% MgO + trace elements. Content of dangerous substances does not exceed limits effectual in the Slovak Republic pursuant to standard STN 654 804.


ROKOSAN P serves as rich, harmonically balanced source of all nutrients supplied evenly during all vegetation period. It contributes to richness and colorfulness of the flowers, increases fertility and enhances biological activity of the soil.


Scope and ways of using ROKOSAN-P:

Fruit vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika, water melons, eggplants...
Biomineral fertilizer with keratin representing its main element. The results of the product exceeding standard are conditioned by gradual release of nitrogen into the soil; nitrogen is contained in keratin element. This fertilizer complies with all demands of fruit vegetables. The ratio of nutrients, dosage as well as nitrogen bound protects the fruit vegetables from over-fertilizing, but strengthened supply of phosphorus and potassium provides rich occurrence of fruit.
Sulphated potassium form protects the cucumbers from excessive chlorine supply (causing fungal disease of cucumbers) to which cucumbers are very sensitive. Application of ROKOSAN P results in increased biological activity of the soil and prevention against excessive nutrients consumption. Besides the above-mentioned, ROKOSAN P protects the environment from nitrate and heavy metals accumulation.


Use: Fertilizer should be applied once before planting in the amount of 120-140 g/m2 under tomatoes, water melons, eggplants and cucumbers, recommended amount for paprika is 170-190 g/m2. 1-2 spoons (app. 30g) should be applied into the hole under the nursling and intensively watered. Further fertilizing should be made during the vegetation period in the amount of 25-30 g/m2 or as needed.