Ecological fertilizer based on organominerals.
The fertilizer contains 8% N, 12,40% P2O5, 14,40% K2O, do 3% MgO + trace elements. Content of dangerous substances does not exceed limits effectual in the Slovak Republic pursuant to standard STN 654 804.


ROKOSAN R serves as rich, harmonically balanced source of all nutrients supplied evenly during all vegetation period. It contributes to richness and colorfulness of the flowers, increases fertility and enhances biological activity of the soil.


Scope and ways of using ROKOSAN-L:

Geraniums, sages, surfinias, golden hella, torenias...
Back-up fertilizing and gradual release of nutrients belong to main features of ROKOSAN L.
Harmonic release of nutrients and nitrogen from keratin element is manifested in strength, consistency and robustness of the plant. Shiny and dark green leaves represent result of gradual keratin decomposition, which also increases volume of humus in the soil. Rich colorfulness and deepness of flowers is a result of other minerals and trace elements. By fertilizer application biological activity of the soil is achieved, which means prevention from so-called luxurious nutrients consumption and protection of environment from nitrate and heavy metals accumulation.


Use: ROKOSAN L fertilizer should be applied before planting, after planting and during vegetation period as follows:
Before planting – 1 tea spoon of fertilizer should be applied under each plant into the hole or 2 spoons of ROKOSAN should be mixed up with soil in the standardized container; subsequently the plant should be planted.
After planting – one tea spoon of ROKOSAN should be mixed up with soil around each plant.
During vegetation period – since summer annuals are in demand of nutrients, ROKOSAN should be applied maximum once a month by slight scattering around each  plant and further mixing with the soil. After each application the plant needs to be watered. In this case individual approach is recommended with respect to type and location of the plant. If the lack of nutrients is manifested with plant getting yellow, dry or with curling leaves, additional fertilizing is required. In case the dark green color of the plant is fading, we recommend applying ROKOSAN U spray serving also as biological protection of plants. We do not recommend applying the spray in unaired rooms or in apartments due to strong aroma, or after applying the spray the room needs to be aired.