Organomineral fertilizer based on keratin is a favorite article mainly due to simultaneous action of three basic attributes, namely:

Back-up fertilizing – There is gradual release of nutrients whilst nitrogen decomposition occurs in a three year cycle, which means the plants accepts only such amount of nutrients it needs /luxurious nutrient consumption does not occur/, the plant cannot be over-fertilized and the roots cannot be burnt up. A strong growth stimulus incurs in deciduous and coniferous woody plants and together with vegetation period prolongation the flowering period is prolonged as well. Balanced, stable and significantly faster woody material creation occurs as well.


Homeopathy and prevention – since this is a root application, the plant´s growth  is faster and more stable, synergy of other organomineral substances increases resistance of the plants against fungal diseases and so establishes all prerequisites for healthy growth.


With its organic smell ROKOSAN also repels aphids and flies.




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