ROKOSAN Z, cross linked acrylic polyacrylamide copolymer, total nitrogen (N), nitrate nitrogen (N), ammoniac nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) as P2O5, total potassium (K), potassium (K) as K2O, calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), boron (B), cuprum (Cu), ferrum (Fe), molybdenum (Mo), zinc (Zn), aroma.
Content of dangerous substances: Content of dangerous substances does not exceed limits in force in the Slovak Republic pursuant to Regulation of MP-SR No: 26/2001 Coll.


Instructions for safety and health protection at work:

ROKOHOLD is not a dangerous fertilizer; however, it may irritate the skin, mucous (S 24/25) and if swallowed, it may cause health difficulties (S 20/21). When working with fertilizer the principles of basic hygiene should be followed and one is not allowed to eat, drink and smoke (S 20/21)! When spilled on the solid surface, the substance is very slippery; spilled product needs to be removed manually (S40). Please use protective items /gloves, clothes/ (S 36, 37, 39).


First aid:

- When swallowed, drink approximately half a liter of cool water,
- When eyes got into contact with the fertilizer, rinse both conjuctival sacs with the stream of clean water
- When the skin is irritated, wash it with water and soap and treat with respiration lotion.
In more serious cases and if swallowed seek for medical help (S 26).


Storing conditions:

IIn original undamaged packages, in dry and clean rooms with temperature exceeding 5°C and separately from groceries, food and out of touch of children (S 2/13).


Use by:

36 months from the manufacture date when storing conditions are followed.


Package liquidation:

Please bring free packages to organized collection of recycled materials.