GOH containing micro nutrients based on keratin, NPK – bound in the original conditioner with rose aroma intended for roses and flowering plants.


Scope and ways of using ROKOHOLD:

RHu application for roses and flowering plants planting: 10 g of RHu should be inserted into the prepared hole; the nursling is inserted and covered by soil. The plant needs to be watered with large amount of water. ROKOHOLD application on already planted and rooted plants should be as follows: with the appropriate stick /pencil, ladle…/ several deeper holes are made around the root system in the pot. 50g of ROKOHOLD should be inserted into the holes and then covered by soil. Subsequently the plant needs to be watered. The cycle of holding water and its subsequent release for a plant by the polymer may be repeated multiple times and thus such combination becomes highly convenient from the economic point of view. Additional feeding is required after app. 20 days following the planting process with liquid or loose original fertilizer ROKOSAN.


ROKOHOLD used for rooting plant cuttings and cultivars:

Freshly cut ends of plant cuttings and cultivars ready for rooting should be dipped into prepared ROKOHOLD solution and then inserted into the prepared hole and watered with large amount of water. It is recommended to feed the plant with liquid or loose ROKOSAN after 20 days.