Scope and ways of using ROKOHOLD:


ROKOHOLD – is a unique fertilizer type in form of a gel intended for nutrition of plant roots and adjustment of soil matrix. It is produced on keratin and hydro polymer basis and is enriched for potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, ferrum as well as trace elements, molybdenum, copper, boron, manganese and zinc.
Its uniqueness lies in combination of nutritional elements in swollen original conditioner. According to client´s needs other trace elements may be added or the concentration of macrobiotic or microbiotic elements may vary as well. ROKOHOLD is able to improve the exchange of ions in the soil and thus to prevent fertilizers from leaking into the underground water. As a result gradual release and balanced supply of nutrients important for a plant is secured. ROKOHOLD is also original conditioner securing optimal physical features of the soil, into which it was mixed in. Hydrated ROKOHOLD containing nutrients creates semi permeable barrier inside the soil, by which it fills free space between the original elements. This fact significantly enhances ability of the soil to hold water as well as nutrition elements in the root zones and thus considerably increase their utilization during the plant assimilation process. The cycle of holding water and its subsequent release for a plant by polymer may be repeated multiple times and as a result such combination becomes very convenient from the economic point of view.
Repeated additional feeding is required after app. 20 days following the planting process by liquid or loose original fertilizer ROKOSAN.