Projects in china


Projects implemented at present: Projects in China, Revitalization of forests in SR


Activities of our company in the territory of the People´s Republic of China were launched as soon as in November 2003. On the referred date we launched the process of ROKOSAN mixed fertilizers and colloidal fertilizer certification. Since spring of 2004 we conducted field experiments in the greenhouse complex of CHaolai near Beijing; with application of our products on various types of vegetables and ornamental plants we achieved remarkable results. With minimal fertilizers consumption we achieved fertility increase in some cases even by 50 and more percent... With cooperation of consulting company China Economic Cooperation Center /CECC/ we established business contacts with numerous companies located in the territory of PRC. Mainly in Shantong province, more particularly in municipalities of Weifang and Shouguan we acquired trustworthy partners. At present our main priority is to offensively introduce ROKOSAN products to several million Chinese and last but not least also Asian market.