Forest revitalization in SR


ROKOHOLD is a unique fertilizer produced on the basis of keratin and hydro polymers enriched for potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, ferrum as well as trace elements, molybdenum, copper, boron, manganese and zinc. Its uniqueness lies in combination of nutritional elements in swollen former conditioner. According to client´s needs, other trace elements may be added or the concentration of macrobiotic or microbiotic elements may vary as well. ROKOHOLD is able to improve exchange of ions in the soil and thus to prevent fertilizers from leaking into the underground water. ROKOHOLD is also original conditioner providing optimal physical features of the solid into which it was mixed in. Simultaneously the original conditioner – the super absorbent provides also sufficient amount of water present in the soil.


By using ROKOHOLD the fertilizer consumption is optimized, stress from replanting is eliminated and the sufficient moisture, which is naturally cumulated by sufficient precipitation, is also secured in dry seasons.


Basic utilization in forestry:


For transportation and storage of roots of forest-tree species and ornamental shrubs:

the roots are cleaned carefully and appropriately dipped into the water. Subsequently the roots are dipped into the prepared ROKOHOLD-u solution (rate is ½ kg of RHu on 19.5 l of water) and are left to wait for some time. The gel elements firmly grip the root and thus the root system is protected against drying up and any stress.


Application of ROKOHOLD in the process of artificial forest restoration:

ROKOHOLD used in the process of artificial forest restoration, mainly in hardly afforested locations, increases probability of taking roots of nurslings of all forest-tree species planted out. It decreases risk of stress from replanting and keeping nursling in optimized moisturized and nutritional regime. It secures fast growth of a nursling from frost ground zone and increases competitiveness of the nursling against the weed.

In this case the recommended dosage is in the amount of 50g per one nursling (into one hole) regardless of woody species.