about the company


ROKOSAN, s.r.o. is the Slovak company without foreign capital. We have been acquiring rich experience since 1993 while trading with waste of animal origin, mainly with countries of former SNŠ, Italy, Germany and Spain. With our international relations we create healthy environment for valorizing our business activities.


At present our company is the only Slovak producer of organomineral fertilizers produced on base of mainly liquid and mixed colloidal keratin.
Considering so far known resources, it is highly probable that the referred substance is of whole-world character.

Trademark provides protection to ROKOSAN products.


Garden program ROKOSAN consists of 11 types of mixed keratins, highly efficient fertilizers and one variable component – mixed according to client´s needs (for example colloidal universal fertilizer intended for gardeners, individual and large growers of fruit, flowers, vegetables, ornamental plants, shrubs and deciduous, coniferous and fruit trees, grass ...)

Our program offers wide choice of utilization depending on client´s needs, for example during revitalization processes.
Among our products one can find also a unique world specialty, which has been introduced to the market under ROKOHOLD business name.

Gel multifunctional fertilizers ROKOSAN comply with the strictest criteria of plant growing in any place with lack of moisture, water or precipitation.

We hope you will be able to choose from our offer.